Del Delker

Del Delker and The Voice of Prophecy have been inseparably linked f or 58 yea rs. A household name in both Adventist and other Christian circles, Delker’s rich contralto voice sings familiar hymns and songs with a moving, heart-touching quality that has inspired thousands. From the start of her ministry at the VOP, her signature song was The Love of God. Both the message and the inspiring quality of her voice in singing it have touched countless listeners.

Born in South Dakota, she moved to California in 1931, when her mother, who was raising Del and her brother, moved there with other members of her family. A musical child from her earliest years, she loved to sing and, as she reached her teenage years, aspired to sing with a dance band, an ultimate experience for a singer of popular music at that time. Although that dream was not realized, she did enjoy singing popular music as part of a women's group that performed in local USO (United Service Organizations) clubs during WW II, entertaining men in the armed forces.

While her mother was a member of the Adventist church, Delker did not join until March 1947, having been converted in meetings held by The Quiet Hour. She then began to sing for them in their meetings and on their radio broadcasts and, in the summer of that year, performed in a camp meeting held in Lodi, California.

Shortly after that camp meeting, she was approached by the Voice of Prophecy to join them to sing - and to be their secretary. Although Delker sang just a few times for the broadcast initially and worked primarily as secretary, beginning in 1950 she began singing regularly and, in 1951, was included for the first time on a record made by the VOP quartet.

During Delker's many years with the VOP she traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, on the road, originally, and in the air eventually, in the U.S. and abroad, singing on behalf of the VOP, and "most importantly, the Lord," as she has often observed. Along the way, she sang and recorded music in fifteen different languages, appeared on the Faith for Today television broadcast, and learned to face the challenges that come with being a celebrity.

Although she officially retired in January 1990, Delker has continued to sing and travel. On June 30, 2002, She was honored for her 55 years of service when she joined with many of her friends from over the years to tape a video program called Del and Friends. It was the ultimate tribute to her and to her ability to work with so many other friends and musicians in selfless Christian ministry to persons around the world. More recently, Delker and Wayne Hooper, traveled with VOP groups to Adventist colleges and universities in 2004 to join with campus musicians in celebrating the VOP's 75th Anniversary.