Sermons, April--June, 2012


 April 7:  Clayton Sugg: "Understanding the Empty Tomb"

April 14:  Pastor Stephen: "Judgment Free Room"

April 21:  Pastor Stephen:  "Forgiveness"

April 28:  Pastor McCall:  



  May 5: 

 May 12: Haley, Yamilla & Ailen: "Temptations"

May 26:  Chaplain Chris Medina: "A Time To Mourn"




  June 2:  Clayton Sugg:  "Ten Tired Girls"  (Waiting for Heaven, part I)

  June 9:  Rob LeBard: "The Ten Talents (Matthew 25)" (Waiting for Heaven, part II)

June 16:  Pastor Stephen" "The Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 25)" (Waiting for Heaven, part III)

June 23:  Pastor Stephen: "What Are You Waiting for? (Matthew 25)" (Waiting for Heaven, part IV)

June 30: Greg Barlow: "The Ultimate Gift" (Waiting for Heaven, part V)


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