Sermons, April--June, 2013



 April 6:  Dr. Pierre Scales, "Back to Basics"

April 13:  Pastor Stephen. "Don't Mess it up This Time"

April 20:  Greg Garlow (with children). "Fruits of the Spirit"

April 27:  Pastor Stephen, "Bible Versions & how to Use Them"



 May 4:  JP Scales, "Don't Sit on the Bench"

May 11: Pastor Stephen, "Here's Looking at You"

May 18:  (no audio available)

May 25:  Pastor Stephen, "Finding That Which was Lost"



   June 1:  Jon Clark, "Mission Trip Report, Honduras"

  June 8:  Pastor Stephen, "Angel 1 -- Worship" (Three Angels, Part I)

June 15:  Pastor Stephen, "Angel 2 -- Fallen" (Three Angels, Part II)

June 22:  Pastor Stephen, "Angel 3 -- Rising Smoke" (Three Angels, Part III)

June 29:  Pastor Stephen, "Three of God's Promises to Remember"