January 6:       Merced Pathfinders (audio coming later)


January 14:      Stephen Eastwood "Presence"


January 20:      PRAISE Mens Chorus "Worship in Words and Song"


January 28:      Stephen Eastwood, "Core Values"


February 04:    Rob LeBard "The Center of Eternity"


February 11:    Stephen Eastwood, "Lo$t (part 1): How Did I Get Here?"


February 18:    Stephen Eastwood, "Lo$t (part 2): Seeing What God Sees"


February 25:    Stephen Eastwood, "Lo$t (part 3): Why do I have so Much"


March 03:        Jeff Barger,"G,P.S.(God's Prophetic Signs)"


March 10:        Stephen Easwood, "Lo$t (part 4): Flee and Pursue"


March 17:        Stephen Easwood, "Lo$t (part 5): "Rescued"

March 24:        Greg Barlow, "Overcoming"




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