Sermons, January--March, 2013



   January   5, 2013:  Kaylee Gregory:  "God's DNA"

   January 12, 2013:  Pastor Stephen:  "The second Craziest Story in the Bible"

   January 19, 2013:  Dr. Jose Loredo: "A Genuine Revival"

   January 26, 2013Pastor Stephen: "Healthy/Happy/Holy"


  February 2, 2013:  Clark McCall: "Whats on the Other Side?"

  February 9, 2013:  Pastor Stephen: "House of Prayer"

  February 16, 2013:  LaVon Cronk: "The Kingdom of God"

  February 23, 2013:  Pastor Stephen: "Friendships" (Relationships, Part I)



  March 2, 2013:  Rob LeBard:  "Romantic Relationships are Like a Hot Bath" (Relationships, Part II)

  March 9, 2013:  Pastor Stephen:  "The Perfect Marriage" (Relationships, Part III)

  March 16, 2013:  Pastor Stephen:  "Parenting" (Relationships, Part IV)

  March 23, 2013:  Pastor Stephen:  "When Relationships go Bad" (Relationships, Part V)

  March 30, 2013:  Pastor Stephen: "He is Risen"