The Wedgewood Trio

"The Wedgwood Trio had its start when three young American students studying at Newbold College in England during the 1964-65 school year joined forces to sing folk music and play their instruments as a trio. While they all had Southern roots and were acquainted with one another, they had not previously performed together. All three had come from musical families and had inherited a generous amount of musical talent along with good singing voices. Bob Summerour, was an accomplished guitar and banjo player. Jerry Hoyle, singer and string bass player, had learned to play the instrument at a youth camp where he and Summerour sang and introduced music they had arranged to the campers at evening campfires.Don Vollmer, a gifted singer who would learn guitar after the trio was formed, had also come from a musical family where his father, a noted physician, and his mother were excellent musicians, who made music an important activity in their home.

"In November 1966, H.M.S. Richards, Jr., while visiting on campus heard them perform and approached them about singing at evangelistic meetings he was holding in Texas on behalf of the Voice of Prophecy....

""Their success in Texas led to another invitation from Richards to work with him at a second VOP evangelistic series in Hinsdale, Illinois, in the second semester. Richards noted their effectiveness in reaching young people and asked them to join with him and Del Delker that summer during their tours to camp meetings on behalf of the VOP. By the end of August 1967, travel with the VOP, combined with other appointments, totaled eighty thousand miles. It had been an exhausting, yet exhilarating eight months.

"In February 1970.... Wedgwood gave a Saturday night concert at Walla Walla College, later [to be known as Walla Walla] University".  After some time, one of the group's members moved elsewhere so the group was disbanded.  Approximately It wasn't until 1990, twenty-one years after the original group disbanded that one of the members thought it might be nice to get together "just for fun."  Two years later, they received an invitation to play at a reunion concert for a convention of baby boomers in Long Beach, California.  Soon thereafter, "Numerous requests for concerts began coming in and by 1995, three years after that first reunion concert, they were giving up to 25 performances a year, many ending in standing ovations. They bought back the rights to their earlier records and, in February 1993 released a CD with recordings done from 1964 to 1969. The success of that collection led to a second CD featuring music done from 1970 to 1973. They have since recorded additional CDs, with sales of the collections and new releases totaling over 50,000 copies.

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