Seventh-day Adventist Outreach and Ministry Resources

Ministry to Youth and Young Adults

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has always held that youth ministry is of the utmost importance. It is with this thought in mind that the Adventist church has, from its very beginnings provided various ways to reach out to and educate the youth.  This page will give you a link to a few of the youth ministries that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has to offer, both locally in Central California, In the United States and around the world.



Media is an important element in the structure of the Seventh-day Adventist church. Through it's various means of media, including but not limited to television (both satellite and brodcast) radio, magazines and periodicals as well as publishing houses, the Seventh-day Adventist church uses media to reach out not only to it's 17 million plus members world wide but also to anyone who comes in contact with one of the various modes of Seventh-day Adventist media.


Christian Music

Music is a very important element in the life of every human being. Not only can it  calm and soothe the hurting sole, uplift the spirit, and bring light into darkness, but it also has the ability to heal.  Music can improve test scores and enable a child to concentrate better.  The Seventh-day Adventist curch is priviliged to have among it's realms, many talented singers and musicians.  Some of them in fact, such as Yollanda Innocent, Joe Pearls, Buddy Houghtaling, The King's Herald's Quartet, Take 6, and the Heritage Singers, are quite well known and have toured around the world and appeared on numerous satelitte /television programs. Please take a moment to look at a sampling of some of the Seventh-day Adventist vocalists and instrumentalists.


Adventist Education

 Adventist Education is the second largest denominational educational system in the world.  The educational system of the Seventh-day Adventist church (all academic learning levels, early childhood through adult) helps prepare students for a life of faithful, loving service here on this earth, and for citizenship in heaven and on the new earth to come.

"Children in U.S. Adventist schools achieve at half a grade higher than the national average, and beyond their own predicted ability, as shown by CognitiveGenesis, a recent study.  Children in Adventist schools make better moral decisions as shown by ValueGenesis, an earlier study. (Information from the North American Division Education Website at

California Schools (partial listing)

High School/Academy


Other Adventist Schools (partial listing)

United States
Outside the United States


Health and Humanitarian Services

The Seventh-day Adventist church has always held that human life is of the utmost importance and thus, strives to do all it can to help alleviate pain and suffering world-wide. With this thought in mind Seventh-day Adventists strive to educate people on how to live healthier lives and how to better care for themselves and their families--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

With their vast world-wide network of hospitals, and a well-coordinated disaster response system (which works in conjunction with the Red Cross and FEMA--the Federal Emergency and Management Agency--an arm of the federal government within the United States), Seventh-day Adventists are on the front lines when it comes to accidents, hardship, castastrophes and natural or man-made disasters, wherever they may occur.